Becoming love with Love. 2009. $90

Three poems of sacred/secular love by the 13th century Flemish mystic.

Version by William Rueter, with Corrie and Henry Schogt. Four linocuts by the printer. 23 x 19 cm. Printed in Dutch and English. 30 copies. Unciala, Palatino; Unciala. Text printed on Zerkall Nideggen paper; linocuts on kozo gozen paper. 'Sun printed' Nepalese PN 9 paper over boards; spine label.





Tout passe: A French song of exile. 2008. $150

The text of a moving 17th century French song sung by Acadian families driven into exile, in an experimental binding.

Translated by Donald Winkler. Linocut illustration by the printer. 23.7 x 12.8 cm. Printed in French and English. 20 copies. Garamont, Codex; Duensing Titling. Text printed on mura itaboshi utaban; the linocut on kurotani chiri. The support paper is yasu chiri with yamaguchi chiri over boards. Latte Linen Card slipcase; spine label.





Maureen Steuart.
Diary of an Amaryllis. 2008. $65

Colour reproductions of seven drawings by the author. 16 pp. 15 x 19 cm. 30 copies. ATF Baskerville; Latin Antique. Glint ornament. Strathmore Mi-Teintes paper in various colours. Bound as an accordion fold with hand-marbled paper over boards; cloth spine; spine label; ribbon ties.





William Rueter.
The Aliquando Century: The first 100 books from The Aliquando Press of William Rueter. 2008. $20

24 colour illustrations. 57 pp. 22.5 x 15 cm. 250 copies. Quadraat; Carolus, Trajanus, printed offset at Coach House Printing. Zephyr Antique paper; the photos printed on Mohawk Superfine paper. Copies 26 to 250 have curry Linen Card stock covers, printed and bound at The Aliquando Press. Copies 1 to 25 are bound in green tea chest paper with cloth spine and paper label and are reserved for friends of the Press.





Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson. William Rueter, editor.
Majesty, Order and Beauty: Selections from the journals of T.J. Cobden-Sanderson. 2007. $450

Five illustrated pages, including six wood engravings by the printer. xiii+ 73 pages. 27.5 x 18 cm. 45 copies. Palatino type; Palatino, Sistina. White Hahnemuhle Bugra paper, the illustrations printed on handmade yuki gampi paper. Enclosed in latte Linen Cardstock portfolio with red label. Bound in decorated paper covered boards (the lithographed paper designed by Georg Rueter ca. 1900), with foil stamped red Tyvek label.

Copies 1 to 5 are printed on handmade Barcham Green Medieval paper and bound in quarter leather with foil stamped vellum label, with a suite of signed prints on tosa gampi paper, with latte Linen Cardstock portfolio, all enclosed in a cloth and decorated-paper covered clamshell box. OUT OF PRINT

Majesty, Order and Beauty won two printing awards at the 2008 Art of the Book exhibition, sponsored by the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild.





Thomas Hardy.
The Convergence of the Twain (Lines on the loss of the Titanic). 2006. $65

A moving meditation on the eternal struggle between humanity and nature.

Graphic image and binding design by Reg Beatty.
15 pp. 12 x 21 cm. 50 copies (copies 26-50 bound by Reg Beatty). Bulmer and DeVinne Condensed type. Gampi chiri paper. Mizu momi paper covered boards.





William Rueter, editor.
The Gospel According to Inglis: Aphorisms for our time. 2005.

An anthology of aphorisms and sayings, printed using the full resources of the Press.

35 pages. 17 x 13.6 cm.Various types, ornaments and decorations printed on Mohawk Superfine paper. 60 copies bound with patterned Italian or Japanese paper boards. $75.

Ten signed copies in quarter calfskin with decorated paper designed by Georg Rueter circa 1900; cloth slipcase $110.00





Soucy, Gaetan.
The Anguish of the Heron. Translated by Sheila Fischman. 2005. $90.

A moving novella by one of Quebec's most distinguished writers, sensitively realized by the pre-eminent translator of Quebec literature.

Three two-colour wood engravings by William Rueter. 43 pp. 22.2 x 12.5 cm. 70 numbered sale copies. Garamont; unidentified nineteenth-century wood and metal types for display. Zephyr Antique laid paper; Mohawk Superfine paper for wood engravings. Somegami paper covered boards, decorated by the printer. Foil stamped cloth spine.

Copies 21 to 30 signed by author, translator, and printer; bound with 'gate' cover, with somegami paper covered boards decorated by the printer; with slipcase. $150.


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Maureen Steuart.
The Quest for the Golden Ingots. 2004. $65.

A delightful cautionary tale inspired by - and printed from - 1950s illustrations for a Quebec children's schoolbook.

29 line cut illustrations, mostly used previously in Au Canada ( circa 1950s). 24 pp. 21.5 x 14 cm. 40 copies. Bulmer with ATF Baskerville and sans serif wood type display. Mohawk Superfine paper. Printed paper boards.




Vesovolod Mikhailovich Garshin.
Four Days. Translated by Henry Schogt. 2003. $80.

A tale of a wounded soldier helpless on the battlefield, moving for its stark commentary on the consequences of war, and for its intense humanity.

Two linocuts by William Rueter. 36 pp. 20 x 20.4 cm. 60 copies. Rueter (digital typeface designed for the Press by Dave Farey, printed offset at Coach house Printing); Neuland, Antique Tuscan No. 9. Hahnemuhle Bugra grey and mocha papers. Chiri kyoseishi covered boards with cloth spine.





William Rueter, editor.
Il Giardino d'Amore / The Garden of Love: an anthology of Italian madrigal poems. $140.

Texts of some of the finest Italian Renaissance madrigals, printed in Italian and English, with four type ornament 'gardens.'

Line cut of a Renaissance woodcut. 57 pp. 18 x 12.8 cm. 45 copies. Bembo and Blado italic type; Castellar and Bembo display. Frankfurt Cream paper. Patterned cloth boards.

Copies 1 to 10 bound with foil stamped goatskin spine and antique Dutch or French hand marbled papers over boards; with slipcase. $200.


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Giovanni Boccaccio.
The nuns and the gardener: a tale from The Decameron. 2002. $225.

One of Boccaccio's most pertinent (and impertinent) stories from The Decameron , richly illustrated.

Five wood engravings by Wesley W. Bates. Text adapted by William Rueter. 28. x 17 cm. 70 copies. Nephi Medieval type. Tell Text 5 display, with title lettering by the printer. Hahnemühle Archive paper. Tyvek spine and shibori paper covered boards, with grosgrain ribbon; Canal paper portfolio.


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